Tribal Rose Tattoos

Are you searching for tattoo ideas? Some of the popular looked for pieces of art are Celtic, Butterfly, Dragons, Tribal, Rose/Flower, Heart, Angel and Cross tattoo designs.One of the most popular and symbolic tattoos offered is nothing but the rose tattoo.

tribal rose tattoos

Many people may think of a rose as being a tattoo for women only, but that is not the case.Because a rose can either be made into a feminine or masculine design, rose tattoos are one of the most universal tattoos available.

Rose is the universal symbol of beauty.The rose denotes eagerness and liveliness and also devotions and love.In Christian cultures, roses have been used as symbols both for Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. French Poet Jean Richepin quoted the following lines.

this is not necessarily true with rose tattoos. In fact, the rose tattoo has an incredibly rich history and expresses a great depth of symbolism. For instance, in the 1500s rose tattoos were given to prisoners who were about to be executed.

Nowadays, the significance of a rose tattoo can be whatever the wearer chooses it to be. Often linked with romance, beauty and love, they can also represent the memory of a dead loved one or hold a profound religious association—the red of a rose symbolizing the blood of Jesus Christ.

rose tattoos