Chinese Astrological Tattoos

Chinese Astrological TattoosOne of the most popular tattoos of today is an astrological tattoo that depicts the sign of the month of the year that a person was born. Each month of the year has its own zodiac symbol, and each symbol has its own meaning and attributes, depending on the position of the sun in the zodiac. These astrological tattoos tell other people of the month the person was born, and anyone that knows anything about astrology can tell what the attributes of that month are. Many people seek the love compatibility astrological signs when looking for their future partner.

Chinese Astrological TattoosThe origin of the western symbols dates back as far as the 2nd millennium BCE, to the Babylonians and Assyrians, then spread throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Chinese astrological signs must not be confused with the western symbols and interpretations as they are both very different.

Chinese Astrological TattoosBody tattooing and especially Astrological Tattoos has been practiced all around the world from the beginning of man. They were a symbol of someone's accomplishments and their bravery. In the beginning women were tattooed to show the symbol of their tribe and many other things that the tribe believed in, such as their favorite god, or fertility rites. The Chinese astrological signs are still very popular as astrological tattoos for many cultures, not only the Chinese. The earliest practice of tattooing dates back as far as the Otzi the Iceman, who was frozen in an ice storm in the 4th millennium BC. He had 57 tattoos on his body.

Chinese Astrological TattoosMany Westerners are split between the Western form of Astrological Tattoos and the Eastern form. The westerners that believe in the Chinese Astrological Signs form say that the cycles fit their personnel lives more accurately. However, the other half of the westerners believe in the zodiac signs. Astrological Tattoos are a permanent marking on humans that have a great significance for an individual. They are not only decorative, but usually depicts some aspect of someone's admirati

Chinese Astrological TattoosNo matter which type of Astrological Tattoos you get , if it be the Chinese Astrological Signs or a Western, you want to make sure that you practice good hygiene and keep the new tattoo clean at all times. This will help keep away infections and soreness that follows having a new tattoo.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo but do not know what sort of design you want, then you can't go wrong having Astrological Tattoos.