Compass Rose Tattoo

Compass Rose TattooCompass Rose has long been popular with sailors compass tattooed sailors. often thinking that it will bring them happiness in their travels, and a task safe return home. a sailor was very hard and they face many obstacles The weather, hunger, and many other hazards. In fact, they do require that all the good they could get. Compass Rose Tattoo generally follows a basic design.s north, south, east and west are all located in the right place on a circular bottom. the middle of the tattoo is usually close to the formulation of a star. This star is wise to the northern part star. increased volume novel design was taken directly from old maps.

Compass Rose tattoo is usually located on arm. the brilliant colors of blue and black ink is still very well liked, but some people choose a more updated seem. If you like the thought compass, but want a more modern feel that you can choose different colors to your tattoo.

Compass Rose TattooYou can also incorporate elements common in the tat. can use the symbol of the zodiac in the center of the compass, as opposed to the Star.  You can also add a dash of tribal or Celtic rose.  Compass Feel free to think outside the box. Add items that are sentimental to you, and you build happy. Instead of simply adding the star in the center of the compass, you can add a small moon stars. Although many still see the bar raised a bit like the sailors of old, with the reappearance of this sign is also new meanings. is used by some as a reminder that all things in life are possible if you have other direction.  use this design as a way to remember and honor there is still much progress.

If the compass has a special meaning for you, do not be afraid to one. You can build it as independent as you like. a great tip on the case of color combinations that work for you to obtain a box of pencils and start experimenting.  The only way to know if the two colors should look good together, it really see them. What better way to do it by playing with pencils.