Business Finance - Five Options For Start Ups

When starting a company it can be extremely difficult to find the business finance that will allow you to start operations and begin trading. This is why it is vitally important to understand the different business finance options available to start ups. Hopefully this article will be able to put forward five of the best funding options.

The first and most obvious business finance option is to use your own money. For those blessed with a large amount of savings this can be a good option, even taking a second mortgage to fund a business can be worthwhile. The main advantage of this form of finance is that it gives you control over all of the financial interests in the business, the wants and needs of investors are not an issue. However, care should be taken, by risking your own money you may have o sell your house, or may even end up bankrupt if the business fails.

Another option for those trying to find business finance is to ask friends and family for start up capital. Normally friends and relatives will be able to lend you money along better terms than a bank. It is worth remembering however that being indebted to friends or family can be troublesome, placing tension on relationships and in some cases can even ruin friendships. When borrowing from friends and family, be sure to have a written agreement, by doing this the chances of any misunderstandings are reduced greatly.

One of the most frequently used options for those starting a company is to visit their bank in order to obtain business finance. This may take the form of an overdraft, which can be beneficial due to its flexibility. However, if buying over an extended period of time a loan is likely to be a far more suitable option, due to the lower rates of interest.

There are a number of different small firms that are able to provide business finance to companies. Some of these firms work within a government lending structure and as such secure any loans given to government guarantees rather than personal possessions. With a little research it can be possible to find this form of government assisted loan, which reduces risk on your part.

As well as loans, another business finance option is to find external investors who may be interested in buying shares. Typically they will put their money into the company and will only expect returns once the operation begins to bear fruit. One of the major advantages of this can be the free expertise brought to the table by investors; a downside however is the loss of control over the company's direction and the need to share any profits.

These five forms of business finance represent the most commonly utilised options for those who are starting a business. It is only through careful consideration and a process of detailed research that the correct option can be found. If the right decision is made however it should be possible to create a solid financial platform for your business.