New Business Financing - Options and Obligations

Starting a new business is exciting but it can also be a major problem as well. Where will the business be located? How well will it do there? And, most importantly, how will you pay for the expenses of opening this new business? Financing a new business can be a major consideration and is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks that a potential business owner must overcome on their way to the grand opening.

Financing a New Business With Individual Funds

Self-funding a business opportunity is one of the fastest ways to get started. If you have the money to cover all of the expenses of starting and running the business, it eliminates the hassle of trying to find funding and also eliminates the need to have others involved in the process.

However, self-funding means that you and you alone are going to have to come up with all of the money that is involved with that business including any of the unforeseen or emergency expenses that tend to come up. If you are planning to self fund your business, make sure that doing so will not put too much of a burden on your family or other obligations.

It is also important that just because you are financing a new business with personal funds that you don't try to cut corners in regards to safety and other issues which might keep your business from being able to open as scheduled or from being legal and safe.

Financing a New Business with Partners

Not everyone can afford to start a new business with money from their own pocket, even if it is great idea. For them, it might be possible to get a few friends together to cover the start up costs. But, sharing the cost of financing a new business with friends or family members means that you are going to be sharing profits, expenses and decisions for the business.

You also have to decide if these decisions will be made by equal votes or if there is a division of power that is equal to the amount that the person has invested into the business. If you have partners you may also have to decide whether your business should be a corporation or other type of entity for tax purposes.

Financing a New Business With Professional Financing Options

Getting your new business off the ground might not happen if you can't get the financing. If you cannot get financing on your own or with friends and family, it might be possible to get financing from your local bank or from other options including business incubators and the Small Business Administration.

The SBA does not technically give the loans, but instead offers advice and suggestions to potential new business owners. They can also guarantee the loans that you obtain through the bank for yourself. They can also point out other agencies that can be of great help while you are trying to get your business off the ground.