Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Sleeve tattoos have become immensely popular among both male and female tattoo enthusiasts. The term 'sleeve tattoo' refers to a tattoo design that runs a significant length down the arm. The majority of sleeve tattoos cover either half of the arm or the whole arm. Half sleeve designs generally cover the skin between the elbow and upper arm, or between the elbow and wrist. Ultimately though, the area that a sleeve design covers is completely up to the individual.

In addition to being incredibly flexible in terms of size and positioning on the arm, sleeve tattoos can also be extended to other body areas. For example, some people ink incredibly striking designs that extend right up to the top of the shoulder, and then down the shoulder blade and back, or down the chest. While some people plan such large designs in advance, many people start with a smaller design, such as a half sleeve tattoos, and then keep adding to the original design over time.

Sleeve Tattoos Designs Tribal and Celtic design styles tend to be the most popular options for sleeve tattoos. Both of these design styles tend to be composed of bold patterns and iconography, usually inked in black. Such designs tend to be fairly easy to extend, which explains why many people end up with such elaborate Tribal and Celtic tattoos, often incorporating a full sleeve design into a larger design.

Sleeve tattoos are a great choice for people who work for an employer with a no tattoo policy due to the ease with which they can be hidden. Wearing a long sleeve sweater or shirt will completely cover a design inked on the arm. Away from work, sleeve designs can be shown off to the world by wearing short sleeve t-shirts, vests, or by not wearing a shirt at all. For people like to show off their ink at the gym, or during the summer months, sleeve tattoos provide an excellent option.

Sleeve Tattoos Designs In summary, sleeve tattoos are incredibly striking and provide tattoo enthusiasts with enormous flexibility in terms of size, positioning and the possibility of future extension. If you are strongly considering getting a tattoo, I recommend taking your time choosing a design that you really love, and that really has some significance to you and your life. Take the time to browse through as much high quality tattoo art as possible in order to build up a selection of designs that you really love. It is upsetting to think that so many people end up regretting their tattoos because they did not take the time to plan properly.

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