The Best Side Tattoo Designs Women

The Best Side Tattoo Designs WomenThe Best Side Tattoo Designs

Side tattoos are making a massive splash in 2010 & are definitely going to be two of the top tattoo locations of the year if not the top. Side tattoos were always kept for the more hardcore tattoo enthusiasts historically as they can be more painful to get done. However, with so plenty of people getting tattoos these days & everyone wanting to be different from the crowd side tattoos are definitely a hot & in style item.

That does not mean run out & get your side tattooed with the first flash picture you find at your tattoo shop. In lieu take your time & think about the possibilities of getting a side tattoo design & look for some resources & styles you like & then work with an artist to design your own distinctive tattoo design. If you need a high quality tattoo that you will love for years to come you must take a methodical approach to the design.

Tribal Side Tattoos - Of work there is the nice ol' standby of tribal tattoo designs. These have been popular throughout the 1990's as have always been a massive item for men. The strong bold shapes & lines along with the black color make for a strong statement that plenty of men like in their tattoos.

These work well as a side tattoo & when done on the side they are definitely an update to the overdone & overused shoulder tribal design. Some other ways to update a tribal design & do something that will differentiate your tattoo a bit is to go with a specific style of tribal & not the new age mismatch of ambiguous tribal designs. In lieu pick a Hawaiian or Samoan or Maori tribal design & go with a traditional style.

Here are a number of the current ideas for side tattoos for men. This is not an exhaustive list of all the possibilities but a number of the top ones that plenty of men like.

Dragons - Dragons have always been popular & they seem perfectly fitted for a side tattoo. Any area on the body that is not thick works well for a dragon tattoo so the dragon can fly in & out of or on & off of a side & interweave between it. There's the more English & Western style dragons that they always think of when playing fantasy & adventure games but there's also the more traditional Japanese & Chinese style dragons that work well also.

Script Word & Written Tattoos - These are all the anger right now & look to continue being popular & in style. The great thing about word tattoos & sayings is it is easy to convey a message with them no worry about trying to communicate through symbolism. Now you can say it in words. Not only that the script & font can become a major part of the design themselves & make for a great looking tattoo.

Koi Fish - Koi fish are of work popular in Japanese tattoo designs & the story & symbolism behind them make for a powerful & symbolic side tattoo. Also the blend of blue water & gold yellows & oranges of the fish work well together in a side tattoo. Also since the fish is crooked up ward & sort of jumping out of the water a side tattoo is a great location for this design. The water can splash around the side & onto the stomach & back of the tattoo location as well as the fish bend & twist around the side. This makes for complexity in the design that it catches & holds the viewers attention & draws the eyeball in to the design.

Above are three of the more popular ideas & trends for side tattoos for men & design that they might like. There's of work plenty of other design option s out there. It is important to carefully research & use resource materials to bring to your tattoo artist to easily describe the look & feel you are after & then turn over what you have your ideas & photos or resources to the tattoo artist & let them go to town. You will finish up with a cooler tattoo then you ever imagined.